45 x Magic Dirt Erasers - 130mm x 65mm x 25mm

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 Just add a small amount of water to the magic eraser cleaning sponge for easy cleaning of most non porous surfaces.


Great for sinks, showers, baths, worktops, alloys, windows, hobs, tiles

Remove scuffs / crayon marks from walls and floors

Great for removing dirt / flies from plastic car bumpers

My customers have told me they are excellant for cleaning leather settees

Also great for soaking up spills due to the sponges excellent absorbtion properties

This lightweight cleaning sponge has such a fine cell structure it makes easy work of removing dirt and stains from almost any non porous surface. When finished rinse under water and allow to dry ready for the next time

** Please note : Not to be used on some painted surfaces (eg car badywork) Check on inconspicuous area first **

As seen on home shopping channels and sold by Lakeland

This is for a box of 45 Magic Eraser Cleaning Sponges

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