2 x Acoustic Sound Absorbing Insulation Foam Tiles - 330mm x 330mm x 25mm

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Professional sound absorbing foam tiles

Ideal for that small household requirement

Size 330mm x 330mm x 25mm

Self adhesive backed for easy application

Made from high quality dense polyurethane foam

This foam is not lightweight furniture grade foam which is approx. 25kg-32kg / m3

This foam offers excellent sound absorbtion coupled with exceptional fire retardant properties

Foam does not melt or produce burning particles

Under fire attack a stable char is formed protecting and underlying material

Used in many industrial sound absorbing and thermal insulation applications

Ideal for machinery cladding and enclosures, duct lining and wall padding

This listing is for 2 tiles of the above size

Also available in sheets of 1000mm x 500mm x 25mm (call for details)


Colour : Black

Density : 80 - 105 kg/m3

Thermal Conductivity : 0.05 to 0.065 W/mK

Fire Rating : Class 0 Building Regulations, UL 94 HF1 (greater than furniture regulations)

Acoustic Performance

Frequency / Absorption Cofficient :

100 Hz   -   0.10

200Hz   -   0.20

300Hz   -   0.30

400Hz   -   0.40

500Hz   -   0.50

1000Hz   -   0.70

2000Hz   -   0.80

3000Hz   -   0.85

4000Hz   -   0.90

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